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I find dynamics more important than likeness in a watercolour. I try to suggest movement by seeing "dead" houses as moving objects, for example. The houses should look at each other, talk ............reinforce each other. By choosing colours more explicitly, exaggerating shapes and adding lines to the image, I try to make "dead" subjects more dynamic. I use reality to create a painting. What matters to me is the interpretation. It is reality depicted in a different way. I paint a subject because it appeals to me and not because the subject fits well in a series. 

In no way do I want to limit myself in subject choice, colour, size or whatever. 



My first brushstrokes saw the light of day in oil paint. I started developing my technique mainly by painting portraits, which proved to be a very good exercise. After a period of painting, in which I was very intense with oil and acrylic, I switched to watercolour.


As a child, I often walked around the Gemeente Museum in The Hague (the Netherlands), dreaming of one day working with brushes and paint myself. In the end, it took several years before I actually decided to put my passion into practice. The immediate cause was a visit in France to my uncle Kees Bol, painter by profession. Captivated by my uncle's oil paintings, I decided to follow a fine art education/painting course. 


I have lived on Zuid-Beveland since 2000, before that I lived in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen for 18 years. And now I am moving back to Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. I spent most of my youth in Monster in the Westland region.


I also took part in a national competition organised by Winsor & Newton, in which I, won the award - the first prize in the form of a "Rembrandt statuette". Quote from a jury report, in which I won first prize in a national competition organised by Winsor & Newton, read:The jury greatly appreciated the expressive approach to the theme, which is powerfully set up in elementary forms. Bold simplification of elements that adds something to the motif, partly through the underpainting. Highly original.


I exhibit regularly in various galleries. There have been exhibitions in Rotterdam, Doetinchem, Biervliet, Terneuzen, Zelzate (Belgium), Philippine, Middelburg, Vlissingen, Goes and Kapelle, among others.

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